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Ardythe Esther McClellan was born April 30, 1936 in Beltrami County, MN, the daughter of Ralph McClellan and Cheryl Knox. She married Michael J. Flaaten on 23 June, 1954, and they had two children. They lived in Crystal/New Hope, Minnesota until after the children were grown. Then they moved to Lauderdale By the Sea in Florida, where they still live, close to Michael's Mom and the kids live near, as well.

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Mike and Ardy (McClellan) Flaaten Family

Children of Mike and Ardy Flaaten

Michael John Flaaten b. 12 July 1960 M. Pamela Anderson 4 September 1982
Sara Jane Flaaten b: 11 June 1963 m: Michael Pommerer 22 September 1990